Advantages of Mediation Over a Court Case


For any couple going through a divorce, there is a so much that they go through and at times, it weighs both of them down. There is so much involved in a divorce that needs to be resolved, and it is for this reason why it is always important to seek the services of a divorce mediator. When a couple is divorcing, there is usually so much more that is at stake other than just parting ways. The will need to establish who takes the custody of the kids, and who gets what property. In most cases, these decisions are not easily reached and hence the need for mediation.


In the past, so many divorce cases were settled in courts. Due to their complexity, they dragged on for a long time which led to lots of time and money wastage, not to mention the additional stress that comes with it. Mediation offered a softer landing that is less costly and that both parties get to sit down and discuss their divorce matters soberly. It offers them a chance of arriving at a decision more quietly without involving the courts.



For all those that have undergone divorce mediation, it has been found out that mediation fell anywhere between two and ten times less costly than a court case. It is for this reason why a couple seeking a separation should always opt for mediation rather than a court case. Another good thing about mediation is that there are no rigid laws as to how custody and property allocation should be done. This means that it all depends on the agreement that the parties arrive at. Mediation seeks to ensure that both parties get the best deal possible. This means that there is a very little compromise on both sides. Mediation respects more the wishes of both parties as compared to a court case where, in most times, the case is left at the discretion of a judge.


Mediation also involves the divorcees to a great extent. It gives them a great opportunity to discuss the matters at length with their attorneys. This means that they get to express their wishes to get a good deal from the engagement. Such an engagement is good in that it allows them to fully participate in the process. This means that the possibility of disputes in future is greatly reduced. The attorney can explain to the parties what will be required from them, what is at stake and how they should g about handling it. This makes the process easier and less prone to disagreements.

From the above, it can be seen that there is so much to gain when one opts for mediation rather than a court case. Both parties will benefit greatly as there will be less resource wastage in both time and money. Again, the divorce will be majorly based on mutual agreements between the parties meaning that none of the parties will feel left out in the agreement. All that one need is to get a good attorney who can request a deal that the other party cannot back from.…