How to Choose the Right DJ Mixer

dj mixer

Mixers are always the centerpiece of every DJ set up. Every DJs life is based on a mixer. You might have the best records or CDs, perfect turntables, and a well-practiced set but if you don’t have a fully functioning DJ mixer, you cannot reach your target any time soon. You can only attract your audience according to the functionality of the mixer you have.

A reliable and a stable mixer will offer you a fuzzy and warm feeling mostly if you are involved in live performances and you can participate online mixing and mastering competitions. Looking for the best DJ mixers before purchasing any is essential. Read some of the factors you should use to search for the right DJ mixer in the market as listed below.
Additional Features
Apart from the standard crossfader, volume controller, and the headphone inputs, few mixers have few crucial elements. Some of the features might be important while some may not. Some features have high and low pass filters and a built-in interface. You should look for sound quality mixers that contain extra features you want.

Consider Your Budget

dj mixing in a clubYou will find that the best DJ mixers are more expensive but choosing high-quality mixers will serve you for many years. Costly mixers might not be the best, however, the more expensive it is that more additional features you get. More so, some of the functions might be of no use to you as a DJ. But research thoroughly and buy what you need.

Number of Channels

Mostly the standard of many mixers is two channels. And a lot of DJs like this kind of mixer. Such mixers give you a chance to run two sources of sound or two turntables. We also have mixers can hold sixteen channels or microphones. However, this can be too much for the mixer. You can buy such kind of mixers if you want to perform in high advanced shows. You can use such mixers even when you have two turntables but add the number of tables in the future.

Mixer Type

You can choose to buy a mixer alone or buy one that has a DJ controller. A lot of latest digital mixers have various DJ controller abilities such as USB and MIDI connectivity. So if you want extra items, you can buy digital mixers. However, digital mixers can be costly, but they are fantastic.


dj mixing in a clubIt’s hard to know the work of a DJ mixer before buying one. The mixers are essential for the job. They pick the audio signals from the decks and then combines them into one item. It helps you to change effectively from one song to another without challenges.
The fader runs the mixing of the tables. Mixers differ in prices according to the functionality. It’s good to pay a lot but has a mixer that has high-quality sound to satisfy your audience. For you gain more listeners is by producing high-quality sound to them.…